Quoi Haunting

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So a schizophrenic shapeshifter, a transbian archangel, and a queer drow dude walk into the same body and decide to make a website --

Here you'll find linkspams, profiles, stamp pages, essays about queerness/alterhumanity/disability/+, and more. This website is the collected whatevers of the Quoi Haunting, a plural group run by 3~ people of very different experiences. Everything here is real unless it isn't, and it isn't roleplay except when it is. Rest assured, however -- we are really what we say we are. nonhuman, fictive, plural, and all. Just be ready for at least one of us (especially Aster) to play frustrating philosophical games with the definition of "real" :B

Aster is median and comes in multiple flavors. It likes ontology, pin collecting, Kemetic religion, and reading academic papers for fun. Gabriel (or Magen, take your pick) is an archangel with an interest in Jewish folklore and mysticism, post-furry, kink, queer history, and gaming. Gaz is revenant of Lloth who hopped over to our world in the process of dying. He's into astronomy and video games (both playing them and the history of them), and is attempting to document his memories of various drow cultures, cities, language, etc.

If any of that sounds like a good time, then come on in.

I do not think therefor I
do not am