Neat Links

I've gathered a lot of links and interesting pages, and some of them are ones I like to have easy access to, so I'll put em here for myself and others. Scroll the boxes for more links.

Alternative Tarot Course - created and hosted by the author of the Little Red Tarot blog, this self-guided 8-part course is really good for anyone else who hates tarot courses and feels like they're too ableist/sexist/white/anti-semitic/religious/psychology-based/whatever else, and want something better.
Qadash Kinahnu Temple Directory (archived) - the website and resource directory of Lilinah biti-Anat, dedicant to Anat and modern reviver of ancient Canaanite religion. To my knowledge, this is a well-sourced introduction to the religion, its myths, and its history - if potentially outdated. Always check against updated sources, but not a bad start for what it is.
Introduction to Kashmiri Shaivism, by Nishanth Selvalingam - A wonderful introduction to non-dualist Shaivism, with focus on teachings from Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda among others. Nish is a teacher of mine, and I respect him and find his words deeply insightful and spiritually enlightening. Absolutely recommend his courses and lectures, which you can find more of here.

Neurodiversity and Disability
Revealing Femmegimp: A Sex-positive Reflection on Sites of Shame as Sites of Resistance for People with Disabilities -- a reflection on femme and crip/gimp/disabled bodies through a sex-positive and very honest experience-based lens.

Video Essays & Creators
"Hunger Hurts: Cannibals and Why We're Obsessed With Them" by Lola Sebastian -- a stunning and deeply thought-provoking study of modern media centered around cannibals, focusing mainly on Bones and All (2022). It's a dive into eating disorders, dehumanization, queerness, otherness, and the practice of meat-eating all are ripe topics for commentary through cannibalism as a metaphor, and how current media is doing (or failing at!) this. One of the most profound and touching works of writing I've engaged with.
"John Waters, Divine, and the Trinity of Trash" by Matt Baume -- an exploration of Baltimore queer icon John Waters' filmography and influence, especially focusing on the movies Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, and Hairspray.
"Overanalyzing the Barbie Movies with Queer Marxist Theory" by AreTheyGay -- a deep dive into the tension of limitations and structure vs. freedom and self-expression in Barbie, and a look at the way homosocial relationships are centered and how queer romance and themes are easily found in many of them.
"I Spent 100 Days in a Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft... Here's What Happened" by ForgeLabs -- not a video essay, but a full-length hour-and-a-half zombie apocalypse film made in Minecraft. Actually an amazing piece of work with high tension, real fear, and like, a fuckton of overpowered zombies that can tear down buildings by the end of this mess. 10/10 would highly recommend watching.
"Positive Masculinity: How Vulnerability Set Me Free" by Finntastic Mr. Fox -- a touching and thoughtful essay on the trauma of toxic masculinity, and how vulnerability is healing, from the perspective of a trans man.
understanding snapewives: religion, fandom, sociology & erotica by biz barclay -- an absolutely incredible look at the Snapewives religion through a very serious lens, with a focus on apologizing to the Snapewives for mocking them and a thorough analysis of their practices in context.

The Evolution of Femme -- A research proposal on the evolution of fem(me) identities throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, across genders, sexualities, and other intersections. -- "Transfeminine Science is a place for original informational content on the subject of transfeminine hormone therapy."
Mad Gender Science -- A wiki for collecting information and resources on current and future gender healthcare, including non-binarization options. and -- two informational websites on binary & nonbinary surgical options for phalloplasty and metoidioplasty bottom surgeries.
InterACT - an organization raising awareness of intersex struggles and working toward acceptance and an end to discrimination and violence against intersex people.
Intersex Terminology Masterpost (archive) -- a masterlist of intersex terminology and identity words that is updated occasionally
Fae/Faer's origins as a pronoun -- this is the post that introduced fae/faer pronouns to the world and explained their intention as fae-gendered and other-gendered pronouns.
**NEW** Kink at Pride and BDSM Information Page -- a living document collecting resources and academic information on the history of kink at pride, in other communities, and BDSM history and its impact. Clears up many misconceptions about kink + BDSM.

Cool Games
Pagan: autogeny - "Adventures in a Dead MMO"
Exquisite Biome - a card game to help build fictional biomes and creatures!
By the World's Wind - a cute little open world to explore on the sea
The Electric Zine Maker (Bright colors warning!) - a neat little zine-making tool