I was raised in magic from a young age, despite my mother trying to convert us to Catholicism with my ex-Step Dad when I was a pre-teen. I found Wicca again in like 2 years of trying to do the Catholic thing and ditched. From there I dabbled across paths, mostly remaining Wiccan-esque, until I was a solid Lokean in my late teens into my early 20s. I ... have An Arrangement with Him, and have sort of moved from Godspouse to "god side-piece"? We're not largely involved but He's still important to me to have on speed dial, so to speak. His family has my absolute love and respect as well.

These days, though, wei've found muirselves in the House of Netjer following Kemetic Orthodoxy. I've taken Shemsu vows, and we've been divined as a system* to be children of Wesir (Osiris) and Set, Beloved of Sekhmet-Mut, Heru-wer, Amun-Ra, and Djehuty (Thoth). Being Shemsu means having taken vows to serve my Parents first and commit to Kemetic Orthodoxy before other religious commitments.

On the side, I also maintain a loose sort of religious/magical connection to being Lloth, as Wix, and have a divine polymorph nature to myself-as-a-whole. I see myself as a god of survival in the face of impossible odds, among other things. I still have a connection to my Norse path, am learning more about Appalachian folk practices since I inherited some of that from my bio-family, and I keep eyeballing Christian syncretic paths because I'm nostalgic for Catholicism but don't think it'll ever end up amounting to anything by now. :V

*Rite of Parent divination applies 1 per body, for everyone in it. Which means that while I'm the one that explicitly took Shemsu vows, all this applies to anyone else in our system involved in KO as well. This is something that we've seen talked out with the Nisut, Rev. Dr. Siuda, and are okay with because of the nature of the way RPD lineups work and the effort involved in service. Not all plurans might like this, and we didn't know how to feel at first, but I might write someday on why I think it works for us and how the gods came through for us anyway.