More Good Stuff

Here's where I'll post links to other stuff I like around the web, divided loosely by subject!

Ex Uno Plures - essays about plurality written by the Sylvan system, especially good for criticisms of the medical model of multiplicity and discussions about subjective realities and the impact they have on consensus realities.
"The Shocking Reason Why MPD Was Changed to DID" -- a look at the reasons behind the change in name and diagnostic criteria, as well as the way plurans are viewed and how we've been stripped of personhood status.

Keshet - an organization dedicated to providing resources and advocating for equality for LGBTQ+ Jews within and without Jewish communities.
SVARA - "a traditionally radical yeshiva dedicated to the serious study of Talmud and committed to the Queer experience." -- A blog, podcast, and shop all catering to and talking about Jewish magic and mysticism, whether you call yourself a witch, practitioner, mystic, or just a Jew.
Exposing Antisemitism -- a subset of Jewitches's website dedicated to explaining antisemitism, its roots, common dogwhistles and white supremacy symbols, and debunking antisemitic myths. As antisemitism is on the rise globally, resources like these are incredibly necessary.

Videos & Creators
Objectively Bad Art - a video by CJ the X on the value of objectivity in art, what that even means. Featuring the sexual tension between the author and Jordan Peterson.
The Matrix Sequels are Good, Actually - by Sophie From Mars (ft. Sarah Zedig), a look at the Matrix sequels as one 5-hour movie, and all the philosophy therein.

About Bi Lesbianism - a neat little carrd page that gives some links to information about bi lesbians and why someone might use that label!
Butch Voices - a conference for butches of all identities that's been going since 2008 and still has an active blog. You can also find video recordings of a panel led by butch trans women talking about their own experiences.
Pup Play 101 - a small site that unfortunately had to be abandoned, but whose resources are still currently freely available. You wanna know about pup play? Got questions? Maybe you think it's weird or harmful? Or only for gay leather men? This site clears up a lot.

Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor -- a game about being a monstergirl janitor in a spaceport, picking up trash and exploring.
2064: Read Only Memories -- a cyberpunk adventure/mystery game
(18+) Gamer Training -- a mature, erotic hypnosis experience that will relax you and make your aim better in FPS games. Heavy on praise kink.

Useful/Fun Links
Queer Undefined - a crowdsourced queer dictionary -- basically Urban Dictionary for language and labels used by queer people!
Stardew Profits - a neat little tool someone made to help you figure out the most profitable crops for every day of the year in Stardew Valley!
(18+) Fantasticocks -- a really good little trans-inclusive fantasy sex toy store! If you want something better than Bad Dragon, look no further!