More Good Stuff

Here's where I'll post links to other stuff I like around the web, divided loosely by subject!

Ex Uno Plures - essays about plurality written by the Sylvan system, especially good for criticisms of the medical model of multiplicity and discussions about subjective realities and the impact they have on consensus realities.
Otherkin are the Internet's Punchline. They're also Our Future. - an article that talks about how "kin and alterhuman spaces will lead the way for new understandings of bodies and identities as they are embodied online," current alterhuman advocacy efforts, and how it jives with other movements like glitch feminism.

Keshet - an organization dedicated to providing resources and advocating for equality for LGBTQ+ Jews within and without Jewish communities.

Social Media
r/alterhuman - an alterhuman subreddit
r/animalsim - a space for people into realistic animal roleplay without necessarily sexual implications
r/Incorgnito - when you cross any dog with a corgi, you get what looks like a corgi with another dog's texture on it, and you can find many pictures of these dogs here :3
r/SampleSize - do you like to take surveys? you can do that here!

About Bi Lesbianism - a neat little carrd page that gives some links to information about bi lesbians and why someone might use that label!
Butch Voices - a conference for butches of all identities that's been going since 2008 and still has an active blog. You can also find video recordings of a panel led by butch trans women talking about their own experiences.
Pup Play 101 - a small site that unfortunately had to be abandoned, but whose resources are still currently freely available. You wanna know about pup play? Got questions? Maybe you think it's weird or harmful? Or only for gay leather men? This site clears up a lot.

Social Justice
How To Help: BLM - a carrd with resources on how to help the Black Lives Matter movement and support racial justice.
InterACT - an organization raising awareness of intersex struggles and working toward acceptance and an end to discrimination and violence against intersex people.

Useful/Fun Links
Queer Undefined - a crowdsourced queer dictionary -- basically Urban Dictionary for language and labels used by queer people!
Stardew Profits - a neat little tool someone made to help you figure out the most profitable crops for every day of the year in Stardew Valley!