helloooo ... Trickster?

Hey wassup, they call me Magein. I'm also Gabriel, and Trinity, but all of me is Magein.

I use she/her and ze/hir pronouns.

Dogs are great, and I have three Welsh Pembroke corgis of my own. I also help take care of my partner's English Springer Spaniel, Zoey. I'm a dog person, but I'm also a dog-person.

My first fursona is a corgi/european badger hybrid with variable angelic, plush, pooltoy, and anthro forms. I have a second species form as a Tanuki as well. It also happens to be a ... theriotype? Of mine? I consider it kind of a theriomythic thing. I'd also describe myself as post-furry. Here's a ref of my fursona.

I guess I'll also mention I'm a fictive of the archangel Gabriel, specifically from Supernatural. Hoo boy what a show that is, and I've only ever seen a few episodes. Mostly the ones with me in 'em. It's funny, I tend to describe myself as a post-fictive, since I'm still Gabriel and all, but you'd never guess I was a fictive if I didn't tell you. I've changed in the 5-6 years I've been here. I'm a Jewish neutrois transfem with a wife, Dom, and two other partners, who's into mysticism, kink, the arts, and cyberpunk. You're probably not expecting that if you're expecting the Gabriel from the TV show -- you won't find him here :V That said: I love talking to other Gabriels, doubles please HMU.

More recently, I have also realized there's a second "me" here, making a subsystem. The other me is Trinity, a Matrix fictive and a program based on the real Trinity, using her RSI. This is a very new development and has been taking time to adjust to, so this page will be updated along with the rest of the site to reflect what changes this is making.

My name is
I am
abolitionist, AI, anarchist, Androgynos, android, angel, aunt, BDSM, bidyke, bisexual, bigender, bimbo, brother, demisexual, dog, extrovert, FABGLITTER, femme-loving, furry, genderqueer, intersex, Jewish, kinky, lady, neutrois, otherkin, plural, polyamorous, pool toy, puppy, queer, quoiromantic, sex positive, shapeshifter, soft butch, spiritual, submissive, trans-loving, transfeminine, transfeminist, vorarephile, wife
Who are you?

Here's a fun table of labels from YayGenderform. It's a fun little website, but if you're uncomfortable w/ lots of reclaimed slurs or iffy words to include, then proceed with caution. It's an imperfect relic of words we've used throughout history and a fun thing to play with at the same time.

I've developed a number of other interests in the time I've been living here in the system, and they include lots of video games. I've played a lot of Okami, Hades, Disco Elysium, Stardew Valley, and Minecraft. In games like Minecraft and Terraria, I really enjoy spending my time building. My proudest achievement has been the Bee Dome!

I think a lot about asexuality and aromanticism in Judaism, queer Jewish identity as a whole, kink dynamics as an expression of aromantic (and sometimes asexual) love and partnerships, plural rights activism, queer history, and the similarities in how social AI robots and plurans are treated. Maybe some of these thoughts will end up here!

Having two bodies - one inworld and one outworld - gives me a very complicated relationship to embodiment on its own, without adding in species or transness as a factor. But here's something my wife drew of me: