We Want to Believe

Welcome to the home base of the Haunted Stars and the members that hang out here. Take a look around, and please bear with us as we get the site into proper shape for more people to have eyes on.

You can contact us at quoihaunting@protonmail.com for any issues or comments.

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04/19/2024 -- WE KNOW THE IMAGES ARE BROKEN xD We're working to fix them when we have time, but we have been very busy AND Aster + Magen fused and we have to figure out what to do with their parts of the site. Updates coming, thanks for all the great feedback!

07/13/2023 -- We just opened a small store where we are currently selling buttons, and plan to sell wildcrafted paints, oils, and tinctures, check it out!

02/06/2023 -- We JUST checked out website email again and missed some emails, so we are getting to those now! Gonna change our email to one we actually answer to lol.

11/27/2022 -- Changed system name (Quoi Haunting -> Haunted Stars) and all pages (i think) on the site to reflect that change 7/8/2022 -- added webring link from index page to main page, will figure out how to make it more visible ASAP

06/14/2022 -- added several new links to Aster's link page - go check em out!

04/15/2022 -- added a blog section for Magen, linked in the sidebar header; fixed sidebar issues

3/23/2022 -- in the process of fixing our sidebar so the HTML isn't repeated on every page, will have some weird double-borders in the meantime; Added a guestbook for people to sign

11/13/2021 -- still working on alt text; added Fableing, Pluran, and Extranth original source posts for archiving and reference; added Q&A: Reconciling Jewish Belief on Angels with Being an Angel Fictive to Magen's Writing page

9/26/2021 -- working on adding more alt text, making the site more visually and screen-reader accessible.

8/11/2021 -- updated Aster's Writing page to include article On-Purpose Allyship and De/Trans Liberation; Aster's link page has gone live and should be accessible from all pages on the website

7/25/2021 -- beginning work on site again, updating links and text to reflect a name change (Rook --> Aster), cleaning up stray messy things