We Want to Believe

Welcome to the home base of the ? Haunting and the members that hang out here. Take a look around, and please bear with us as we get the site into proper shape for more people to have eyes on. The site is definitely still under construction.

You can contact us at hostofghosts@protonmail.com for any issues or comments.


11/13/2021 -- still working on alt text; added Fableing, Pluran, and Extranth original source posts for archiving and reference; added Q&A: Reconciling Jewish Belief on Angels with Being an Angel Fictive to Magen's Writing page

9/26/2021 -- working on adding more alt text, making the site more visually and screen-reader accessible.

8/11/2021 -- updated Aster's Writing page to include article On-Purpose Allyship and De/Trans Liberation; Aster's link page has gone live and should be accessible from all pages on the website

7/25/2021 -- beginning work on site again, updating links and text to reflect a name change (Rook --> Aster), cleaning up stray messy things