What Haunting?

Yes, Quoi Haunting! Or ? Haunting, properly spelled.

We're a plural group of 16ish people, give or take, all sharing brain and body space. Most of us are nonhumans and fictives and fableings, there is no 'original,' nor is there a singular host. Instead, we have 3 front-runners that share responsibility for the outworld life. One of those front-runners, Rook, is also a median collective with its own info page. Many of the people who don't run or spend time around the front live inworld and continue lives in there without much participation in outworld life. Our inworld is rich and our lives there are just as real and impactful to us as our lives outworld, and we need that to be respected.

We've been working together for 6 years (though we've been plural since very early childhood), and over that time obtained a diagnosis of, disidentified with, and later were professionally un-diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder on the grounds of not meeting Criteria C. We cooperate with each-other, have good communication, and other diagnoses better summarize our issues. We generally prefer to take a more philosophical approach to our existence.

We all have our own complicated relationships to the body, which is intersex, transsex, physically disabled, and neurodivergent in different ways depending on who's fronting. How we relate to the body often depends on how our inworld bodies and subjective experiences align with the outworld one and how we reconcile those, and just because we share a body, doesn't necessarily mean we share the exact same life experiences. In fact, many of us have had very different experiences and have really complex relationships to different social messages based on that.

The "?" in our group name is something we've settled on pronouncing as "quoi," from the French for "what," and based on the way it's come to be used as a word/prefix in some spaces to dis-identify from artificial binaries and social constructions like gender, sexuality, and more. We disidentify with medical ideas of plurality, and cannot practically sum up our origins in a single label nor do we want to. We cannot be classified or easily labeled, we simply Are.