A Star -- Aster!

some deocrative pixel mushroom banners a screencap of a discord message i typed that just says 'I am a philosophical deconstruct of a person' some more decorative mushroom banner

Welcome to my corner of the website. Sit down, make yourself comfortable, have some tea, and check out this guide to semiplural wei/muis pronouns. They'll be used sometimes, and not other times.

I've been a lot of people and changed many times over the course of my life. These days, I go by Nihal/Aster, and use fae/faer and he/him pronouns. I'm a village witch of sorts, acting as a diviner, medium, dream interpreter, herbalist, and healer for those around me.

I'm one of the members of the Alt+H project, and I helped run the (now archived) Discord from 2016-2023. These days I'm spending most of my time foraging, gardening, making pigments from berries and medicine from herbs and oils. I'm also a gamer(tm) and I play Sea of Thieves, Cult of the Lamb, and Rune Factory 5 a lot, at present. Hanging around VRChat is an increasing hobby for me, now, too. I'm looking to open a small business, and in July '23 I opened our Ko-fi shop to begin that little dream.

I consider myself a polymorph, a shapeshifter with no "core form" that tries on and mirrors the forms around it. And this ties into my median plural identity as well, which ebbs and flows. Sometimes wei're highly separate, other times wei're so blended as to not be distinguishable. At present, wei are an indistinguishable blend. Another day in the future, it is likely wei will split into facets again. This seems to happen in a natural cycle. Additional to that, I'm an Alexander Archipelago wolf therian, cat-/rabbit-/painted dog-/fact-hearted, several fableings with fictionkintypes, and #actuallydivine.

I'm a fan of Death Grips, pro wrestling, modified and oddbody Furbies, horror genre stuff, all kinds of video games (especially point-n-click mysteries, old 3D mascot platformers, bullet hell/roguelike combos, and many PS2 titles), and Video Essayists. Hobbies besides gaming include visual art and craft-making, reptile + invertebrate keeping, and writing.

I'm also polyfaith, namely Jewish and Kemetic, and that's our main religious/cultural practice, with an interest in ancient Canaanite religion as it connects to ancient Israelite religion. In more recent time, I've been called toward Shaivism and Kali bhakti, and have been studying under a teacher (Nishanth Selvalingam, Maa bless him) to navigate that. I've been through a very long spiritual journey, and I've picked up many pieces along the way.