Aster's Stamps

This is the page where I salvage everything that used to live comfortably on my private DeviantArt journal before the site overhaul broke everything. I have attempted to maintain these stamps as faithfully as possible to the DA format, with clickthroughs to the original DeviantArt page on every single image, so every artist is directly credited and linked to. I'm also slowly adding text descriptions.

a mini pixel genderqueer flag with the pronoun FAE printed on it a mini pixel xenogender flag with a white arc of Iris/rainbow symbol on it. a mini pixel bigenderflux flag a mini pixel aromantic flag. a mini pixel genderflux flag mini juparian pixel flag

fae/he fae/faer pronouns he/him pronouns

a genderqueer flag stamp stargender pride stamp an intersex pride stamp a xenogender pride stamp a futch pride flag stamp a bigender pride stamp bunnygender flag
moongender flag stamp catgender flag arogender gay otter pride flag

abrosexual flag a gay man flag with double mars symbols aplatonic pride flag an aromantic pride flag stamp a quoiromantic pride flag stamp the blue/yellow aroace flag stamp a leather pride flag

a pastel stamp that has text that says Fictive and has an otherkin star at the top art of Chara from Undertale looking at the viewer with large, scary eyes
a lime green stamp with text saying I Am Not Human

Hard of Hearing I have narcolepsy zzz

Junji Ito Fan cyndaquil i support (toe)beans I heart oriental shorthairs i support growing out of your truscum phase good vibes only a silouhette of the Sailor Scouts on a pink stamp
kemonomimi boy