Wei've written a lot of things over the years, so here's some of what's been pretty good.


About "Transxenine" - a collection of thoughts about what being transxenine means to me

On-Purpose Allyship and De/Trans Liberation - an essay written for the July 2021 Gender Exploration Carnival on the theme of Activism and Community. I chose to talk about the activism and community-building I think should be done between trans and detrans people against transphobia and cissexism.

I am Not Human - an article I wrote for Alt+H going over different philosophical and social reasons I don't see myself as human. Aimed at an otherkin and nonhuman audience, so people outside it may lack some context.

How Disability Gave Me 4 Legs and Why it Kicks Ass - an older essay from when wei first discovered the joys of quadrupedal walking through assistive technology. There's a planned update essay now that we've advanced to crutches.

Why I Call Myself Transspecies - what it says on the tin, as written by a trans+ person

Therians and Otherkin Cultures Are Different and Here's Why - Originally titled "therians and ‘kin don’t have exactly the same experiences," I wanted to voice some feelings I had about therian culture and why it's still important to me not to lose in the assimilation into otherkin. It spawned two response articles here and here!

in defense of MOGAI label hoarding - just some thoughts on what hoarding labels did for me that was good and cool, and that I kinda miss now

"Proposed New Term" -- the original coining of Fableing what I would prefer people link to if they need a source for "fabeling."

On the Inherent Alterhumanity of Plurality - a discussion about how human-IDing plurans still experience alterhumanity

Bigender Culture - a short recollection of some pieces of old bigender culture from forums in the late 2000s


I've written a lot of poetry over the my life, and I stopped for years. I'd like to try again, and to archive my old poems here along with new ones.