The Flock's Writing

Wei've written a lot of things over the years, so here's some of what's been pretty good.

About "Transxenine" - a collection of thoughts about what being transxenine means to me

I am Not Human - an article I wrote for Alt+H going over different philosophical and social reasons I don't see myself as human

How Disability Gave Me 4 Legs and Why it Kicks Ass - an older essay from when wei first discovered the joys of quadrupedal walking through assistive technology. There's a planned update essay now that we've advanced to crutches.

Why I Call Myself Transspecies - what it says on the tin, as written by a trans+ person

Therians and Otherkin Cultures Are Different and Here's Why - Originally titled "therians and ‘kin don’t have exactly the same experiences," I wanted to voice some feelings I had about therian culture and why it's still important to me not to lose in the assimilation into otherkin. It spawned two response articles here and here!