The Flock of Changes

Welcome to muir corner of the website. Sit down, make yourself comfortable, have some tea, and check out this guide to semiplural wei/muis pronouns!

"I'm" Rook, the "I" being in quotes because I'm more of a party of facets with many nonhuman and fictive identities between muis, all working together as a variably singular-shaped pluran. Wei've also been other people in the past, through some mechanism that works like the lineage of Hosts carried by a Trill Symbiont.

Wei've all got different identities, interests, and preferences -- but collectively wei use ve/ver pronouns, are intergender/transxenine/genderfae/sekhyt, and settle roughly in the zones of aro/quoiromanticism, ace-spectrum identity, and bi lesbianism.

Wei're also generally a fan of heavy metal ("The Flock of Changes" is a nod to a Judas Priest song), modified and oddbody Furbies, horror genre, 80s jams and movies, all kinds of video games (especially point-n-click mysteries, old 3D mascot platformers, and many PS2 titles), and Video Essayists/"Explainers." Muir hobbies besides gaming include visual art and craft-making, costuming and fursuiting, reading/collecting academic articles on topics of interest, and writing.

Wei're also Kemetic Orthodox, and have a sort of miscelleneous religious practice on the side.