how do magnets work?

" Red is always a colour, but colours are not always red. Someone can look at a colour wheel and see all those different things, all of them colours. You can show them red, ask what it is, and they’ll say “colour”. You can show them blue, and get the same answer- blue is also colour. If someone tells you to show them what colours are, you’re probably not gonna get very far showing them just one- red is definitely a colour, but it’s not colours as a whole.

It’s hard to separate the “self” from the “selves” when medians like us have no accurate words. I only have metaphors."

~Iolite, giving the best description wei've found of medianhood thus far


Finding ways to describe myself/ves, and the "nonbinary" of the self/other distinction that is being median, has been a long-time struggle. There's not language for when you are and are not something at the same time. For when you are both the Part and the Whole. And when there are even layers to that, it can feel like an impossible task. But wei'll do our best to explain both the practical and technical of how wei work.

How Should You Refer to Me/Us/Muis?

You can refer to muis as singular or plural, alternately, or in different contexts -- wei only definitely use plural language when discussing the individual facets separately, the rest is open and contextual. Wei only ask that others use whatever words are comfortable while also honoring that wei -- Rook/the Flock -- are One-and-many.

A nice text-based trick that will cover it either way is to address muis as "you&/your&" with the ampersand nodding to plurality while not having to otherwise drastically alter your language, but it's not required either. Just cool.

Just be mindful -- are you addressing The One, the many, one facet individually, multiple distinct facets, or just ... muis casually? If its muis generally/casually, then it's whatever. You might need to switch it up depending on those other situations, though.

Most people, most of the time, will interact with muis in a more singular way. So don't sweat it too much.