Alterhuman Links

What Is an Otherkin?

Where Did Otherkin Come From?

  • Orion Scribner has written many articles and pages about therians and otherkin, and has compiled this nifty timeline of our history.
  • Cronologia Otherkin (historia de la otherkin y la comunidad otherkin)
  • Cronologia Therian (historia de la teriantropía y la comunidad therian)
  • House of Chimeras has a detailed breakdown of the history of the therian community, along with the histories of plantkin and otherkin, multiples and otherkin, and the unicorn community.

How do I know if I am otherkin/How do I find my kin/theriotype?

What does Other-hearted/Otherkith/Synpath Mean?

What does Alterhuman mean?

What are copinglinks, otherlinks, and coping/otherlinkers?

What about “factkin?”

What is Plurality?

  • Healthy Multiplicity – A site maintained by LB Lee as an archive of various links and resources to do with multiples and medians, DID and non-DID
  • r/Plural’s Glossary – from a subreddit dedicated to inclusive plurality
  • – a large, wiki-style website that hosts a glossary, podcasts, and guides on living together as plurals and learning how to get along with your headmates and function together as a system

What are median plurals?

  • The Wonderful World of the Midcontinuum – A resource created by the Vickis about the dissociative midcontinuum, an older term for what “median” would come to replace; hosts many essays
  • Becoming Median – A personal account of one system’s experiences with integration and separateness in becoming median. (CW for frank discussion of integration and distress surrounding it) 

Forums and Community Spaces

  • Alt+H – Has a Discord server and separate forum; inclusive of all alterhumans + people who wanna hang with them, be they otherkin, therian, other-hearted, plural, copinglinker, human, or something different, undefinable, or unlisted here. 
  • Werelist– Specifically for therians. Has a lot of history and many threads full of interesting topics and discourse.
  • БЕРТ - A forum for therians in Belarus; unsure if still active but worth a mention as a forum that isn’t English-language by default
  • Los Daimonions - a Spanish-language daemonism forum 
  • Otherkin Hispano Forums a Spanish-language forum for otherkin that is unfortunately in read-only mode now, but is still a good resource.
  • r/Plural – an inclusive plural subreddit


  • Voices of the Vampire Community–Modern vampires are different from otherkin, but still remain a loosely connected group. This is a website providing information and articles regarding vampirism.
  • Project Shift – “an information and resource site, aimed at providing the public with up-to-date information on therianthropy and the therianthropic community.”
  • Werelibrary – an index of writing all about therianthropy
  • Theba?de- Essays on animality by a Clouded leopard/common raven therian. One of my favorites :V
  • Absurdism – Essays by Quil, a leopard therian.
  • Being Lion – Essays by a Barbary Lion therian.
  • The Sanctuary – Essays by Sonne (spiritus-sonne), a polytherian and vampirekin.
  • Between Forest and Sea – Essays on plurality and nonhumanity by House of Chimeras.
  • – a collection of essays by various authors on otherkinity.
  • Darkfang Archive–“A curated database of various sites, writings and social spaces regarding a series of subjects, including Otherkin, Therianthropy and Real Vampirism. These span more than 20 years of internet history.”
  • Birds of a Feather -“Birds of a Feather is a collaborative project with a simple purpose: to gather bird-related resources in a hub for bird-people (ie. therians and otherkin who identify in part or whole as birds; who feel they are type of bird or bird-like creature, instead of or along with being human, identity-wise).”
  • – A collection of writings by the Elenari, a group of elven otherkin (though other mythical races also lived on the Elenari homeworlds) who share memories of their elven lives that have common elements of history, culture, and language.
  • Draconic – One of the largest communities for dragon otherkin, created in 1998.
  • Draconity FAQ ? An FAQ written by Baxil to provide an introduction to Draconity and the Draconic community.
  • Tomorrowlands – (from Draconity) “Baxil’s site has essays, including an essay about how he realized he is a dragon, a short story about his draconic history, the ClaWrite alphabet, a few original drawings, and much more.”
  • Felinity Defined – The personal website of a cat therian.
  • Noctalium - A Spanish-language site providing information on modern/‘real’ vampires, otherkin and therians. 
  • Ex Uno Plures - a personal site maintained by the Plures House containing essays and information on plurality.

Academic Misc.

House of Chimeras has these and more sources on otherkin/therians HERE.