"Proposed New Term" -- The original coining of Fableing

(originally posted to Tumblr by me)

So, in my talks with other medians about the way fictotypes and fictional facets feel and can act differently from how fictionkin or fictives experience their identities due to medians being something not-quite-singlet-nor-fully-multiple. 

So @vagabond-sun and I decided to coin a word for this sort of experience. 

Fableing (from the word “fable”)

definition: a fictional identity facet in a median system, who has experiences and feelings in common with both fictives and fictionkin in a way that makes them feel positioned somewhere between or adjacent to the two

This could include facets one considers fictotypes as well, or medians who feel like each of their facets is an identity closer in feeling to being a fictive one than a fictotype when they switch/shift, or anyone who feels switch and shift are synonymous, or those who are fictional facets themselves. Anyone who feels like this term fits them can adopt it, as long as they’re a median/mid-continuum plural, which means I gotta emphasize this isn’t for singlets to use