(originally posted to Pillowfort)

I wanna make a post about being transxenine, because as much as I wanna use the word more, I don't really have anything to point to right now that explains what I mean when I say that. Which I'm kinda brainstorming right now, but for me personally I think major points are:

  • non-human concepts as the best way to describe my gender; more personally it also includes the ways my non-/alterhuman identities intersect with my gender

  • presenting in otherworldly, alien, hard-to-read, and totally off-binary ways; presenting to make someone confused about my looks (or mythical creature/cryptid status) as a whole before even considering a gender

  • an emphasis on gender feelings that are detached from or not described by the gender binary (e.g. xenogenders, aporagenders, etc)

  • personally i feel like it describes the relationship i have to the transfem/transmasc binary (and even transneutral) in that I am alienated from these concepts in both my gender feelings and in being intersex and I don't feel they apply.

  • Just a very strong feeling of embracing, embodying, and finding empowerment in reclaiming otherness, feelings of dehumanization, strangeness, confusion, and alienation.

  • a transition goal that takes me away from comfortable concepts of binary/cis/dyadic appearance expectations

  • presentation goals that involve embodying concepts, subcultures, ideas (e.g. canine, goth, retro future, space, plenty more) rather than specifically aiming to look masculine or feminine

  • I might have more thoughts later, but this is what I got for now.